10 Best Places to Visit in Finland

Visiting Finland might not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a trip, but that's precisely one of the best charms this secluded country can offer its visitors. Here are the top 10 places to visit in Finland!

10 Best Places to Visit in Finland

1. Helsinki

As the country's capital, Helsinki is the most popular destination in Finland and one you won't want to miss. If Helsinki looks a lot like St. Petersburg, it's because it was constructed in 1812 to mirror the Russian City Style. Among the city's prominent attractions are numerous churches, with the three most significant being the Lutheran Cathedral, the Church in the Rock, and the Uspenski Cathedral. 

But if churches aren't your thing, you may enjoy a trip to the Olympic Stadium, the Parliament, or the National Museum. These are some of the best places to visit in Finland, and they're all in Helsinki.

2. Savonlinna

The beautiful lakes of the Saimaa Lakes region are among Finland's favorite tourist attractions. Today, we'll explore the specific city of Savonlinna and its touristic charms. What makes this city so appealing is its proximity to the capital and the variety of attractions it offers. Situated in the middle of Lake Saimaa, composed of small islets, exploring Savonlinna is a delightful experience reminiscent of a video game or a sci-fi movie. 

Its most remarkable landmark is undoubtedly Olaf Castle, an immense structure sitting in the middle of the lake, almost intact since its construction in the Middle Ages. Savonlinna also boasts many museums, including its wooden Church, which is the largest in the world. Finally, don't forget to visit its Market Square and enjoy traditional dishes.

3. Turku

If you're a history fan, you'll love Turku, perhaps the oldest town in Finland. Turku was also the capital city for almost the entire 19th century. Despite a fire in the 14th century that destroyed much of the city, its 13th-century Turku Castle and some neighboring architecture remain to this day. For art enthusiasts, there are twin museums and the recently renovated Turku Art Museum.

4. Porvoo

Founded nearly 800 years ago, Porvoo is almost as old as Turku and showcases a unique view, with almost all the village houses made of wood. Porvoo mixes 18th and 19th-century architecture on a riverfront view that evokes images from old books. Make sure to visit Porvoo in the summer, so you can take a steamboat ride from Helsinki, which is only 50 km away. Known as an old crafter's town associated with Art Nouveau, Porvoo has many stores and studios where you can find the finest pieces of art.

5. Aland Archipelago

If you're excited about boat trips, the Aland Archipelago is a must-visit. Almost an independent community, it's located between Finland and Sweden, and while technically belonging to Finland, you'll hear more Swedish than Finnish. The Aland Archipelago consists of around 6,500 islands, each offering a different attraction to enjoy. 

Most of them are related to the ocean, such as the Maritime Museum and the interesting sunken ship museum. However, the main attraction of the Aland Archipelago is its landscapes, which would surely inspire anyone seeking artistic motivation. With a considerable number of art galleries on the islands, the Aland Archipelago is also a place for sea lovers, making it one of the best places to visit in Finland.

6. Tampere

Visiting Tampere is like exploring a giant mall with several individual stores. Instead of being a city, it feels more like several little hubs or communities gathering together and linked by the piece of earth they stand on. Far from being boring, this cornucopia of colors and less modern civilization is the best place for outdoor activities. Whether you like skiing, or hockey, or prefer fairground and troll rides, Tampere has something for everyone.

7. Kemi

If you're young and love the Nightlife activities, you can't leave Finland without visiting Kemi. In this town, known for its pulp mills, you'll find an attraction like no other - the snow hotel. Built once a year for tourists, it provides the perfect location for ceremonies such as artistic performances, music shows, and weddings. 

Enjoy the cold by spending the night and keeping the party going all night long. But that's not all; in Kemi, you can board a huge ship known as the icebreaker and get a tour around the Arctic Sea. Imagine all the icebergs you could see, and rest assured, engineers have learned their lesson from the Titanic, so enjoy the view.

8. Rovaniemi

If you're a fan of Christmas and Santa Claus, then you can't miss Rovaniemi when you visit Finland. It's Finland's official House of Santa Claus, offering not only a Santa village but also a real Santa post office where you can get stamps. The best part is an underground amusement park just for Christmas. But if that's not amazing enough, or if you're the non-fanatic partner on the trip, there are other activities not related to Christmas.

9. Levi

For adrenaline lovers, Levi is the place to be. Offering bright white landscapes, where outdoor sports and activities take priority, Levi is as unexplored as it can be. From skiing and snowboarding to safaris and fishing, Levi provides a fully immersive experience rarely found elsewhere on Earth. During the night, you can lower down the temperature by dancing and drinking in the many restaurants with a lively atmosphere and around town.

10. Lemmenjoki National Park

Lemmenjoki National Park is the largest national park in Finland. Featuring the valley of the river Lemmenjoki and the surrounding wilderness, with old pine forests, birch forests, mires, and treeless fell tops, it's also known for the gold rush in the 1940s, with some gold-digging still going on today.

Experience the wilds and try panning for gold on a guided river trip, taste some tasty reindeer stew as you scan the night sky for the northern lights in winter, or bathe in the rays of the midnight sun in summer. Finland's largest national park has plenty of wild places to explore off the beaten track.


Only a few countries can offer the variety of unique experiences that Finland can. The ruggedness of the landscape, along with the warmth and kindness of its people, will make your Finnish experience as sweet as a fantasy movie. Finland is truly a place to remember.

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