10 Best Places To Visit In Hungry


Hungary is one of the most affordable and satisfying tourist destinations on the European Continent. This country is the result of diverse cultures! You can enjoy the country's mixture in the design of its buildings, monuments, streets, and even food.

You will admire beautiful cosmopolitan cities like Budapest and beautiful panoramic scenery out of national geography during your stay. Come along and pack your swimsuit and camera, enjoy the Hungarian hot springs, the romantic architecture, and the country's best places to visit! 

10 Best Places To Visit In Hungry

1. Budapest 

It is the capital of the country and a big cosmopolitan city divided in two. On the west side is the ancient city of Buda, while on the east side, we find Pest. The place has several places that have become world heritage sites due to their great historical importance. You can find some of them, such as the Buda Castle, the former home of many kings of the Hungarian countryside, which retains the luxury of past times and rich architecture.

If you enjoy eating outdoors, you cannot miss the tremendous central market of Budapest, also known as the largest of all Hungary. Also worth seeing is the fisherman's bastion, an icon of Budapest that offers sweeping views over the Danube to Pest. The Buddha Funicular is a popular landmark and a fun little tourist trip. Finished in 1849, the chain bridge became an important symbol of Budapest.

2. Balaton Lake

Balaton Lake Currently considered one of the largest freshwater lakes in Europe, many national parks surround Balaton Lake. There are tourist cities on its shores. It is the favorite place for aquatic and adventure sports. If you are looking for fun near the lake, you will find the Annagora Aquapark.

It is a water amusement park with various attractions ranging from colossal water slides to refreshing pools. If you're looking to rest and relax, nothing is better than spending time enjoying the thermal waters the lake has to offer. Tourists consider Lake Hévíz the most significant thermal lake in the world. You can find it at the western end of Balaton Lake.

In the center of the lake is a spa center built entirely of wood, where you can enjoy hot springs and mud baths. If you want to know the beauty that resides in Hungary, you shouldn't miss Tihany! It is a beautiful peninsula located on Lake Balaton, very similar to a resort town.

Visit the Tihany Abbey, where you will contemplate beautiful paintings and sculptures that will take your breath away. 

3. Esztergom 


Upon arrival in Esztergom, your gaze will be captivated by the verdant domes of its renowned basilica, the largest in Central Europe. Positioned atop a hill, the basilica offers a panoramic view of the majestic Danube River and the enveloping mountains.

However, Esztergom, nestled in northern Hungary and once the capital from the 10th to the 13th century, boasts more treasures awaiting discovery. Wander through the historic castle, explore the opulent palace, and stroll through Szechenyi Square. For a deeper immersion, venture into the Watertown district to marvel at its Ottoman Empire monuments.

Indulge in a memorable dining experience at Primas Pince, a sprawling restaurant nestled in the subterranean chambers beneath the basilica. If extending your stay, secure accommodations at the esteemed Szent Adalbert Hotel for a restful night's sleep.

4. Eger 

Eger is one of the oldest cities in Hungary, it has a unique charm thanks to its history. This city has a great castle and extensive vineyards. You can stroll around and taste some of the most delicious wines in the world. The castle of Eger is still its main attraction, and you may find it in the center of the city.

It gained great historical importance because Hungarians resisted the Turkish onslaught when they tried to seize the city. Also inside the building, you will find different art exhibitions that refer to the castle. Eger is also known for its wine production, and it is logical to visit St. Andrea Wine Estate. and their production process until the final product. Wine tastings are one of the most favorite activities in Eger! 

5. Balatonfüred

Balatonfüred is a beautiful spa city located on the northern shore of Lake Balaton. Surrounded by magnificent mountains that delight the locals and tourists who delve into its lovely scenery. You can enter the Koloska Valley National Park and enjoy a walk in the open air through the beautiful valley. It is a delight for the eyes! You can camp, enjoy a picnic, or hike through this park's various trails.

You cannot miss a visit to Figula Pincészet, a large vineyard area where Figula wines are produced. These full-bodied, full-flavored wines have been on the market since 1993. You will taste the outstanding quality of these wines accompanied by cheeses or cold appetizers arranged for these tastings. 

6. Miskolc 

Many know it as the fourth largest city in the Hungarian country! Miskolc is synonymous with history, and the richness that lies in its many monuments and buildings still stands through the years. A memorable example of these buildings is the castle of Diósgyőr.

A structure built in medieval times in the 12th century. The place consists primarily of four main towers that are open to the public. You can enjoy cultural and musical performances in the open air. It will take you to live a wonderful medieval experience.

Dare to venture into the depths of the earth and visit Miskolctapolca Cave Baths. Here you will find a stunning natural cave that houses hot springs for those who need a respite after a long walk. 

7. Veszprém 

It is an ancient city, located to the west of the country and less than 100 kilometers from the capital. This place has also suffered the fierce onslaughts that Hungary experienced in the past. However, it still preserves the vestiges of those times which makes this city very attractive.

It would be best if you visited the cathedral of San Miguel, which has an exquisite Gothic style. This cathedral has a unique architectural design, and inside, you can enjoy the art exhibitions. There is also the Gizella chapel, a construction divided into two parts. 

8. Lillafüred 

Currently considered a tourist center, this city has many exciting places to visit, such as the Palace Hotel. This Renaissance-style building keeps its beautiful interior decorations that show a vision of the city's past. One of the most beautiful national parks in all of Hungary is Bükki Park. Here you will find lovely landscapes that are the delight of visitors, with hiking trails.

You can explore caves dating back to prehistoric times and beautiful lakes and rivers where you can go canoeing. You can also tour the park by bicycle or enjoy a delicious picnic among the lush trees. Another great natural wonder is the Szinva stream, which forms a waterfall of more than 20 meters high. 

9. Szentendre 

Do you want to visit a beautiful village full of color and charm? Well, that's Szentendre. Located in Pest County, this little town near the capital hides beautiful wonders for the most curious visitors. There are beautiful historical monuments such as the Church of St. John the Baptist or the Belgrade Cathedral.

This town, although small, has many museums such as the Skanzen, where you can see recreated houses from each region of the country. If you want to admire works of art by various local and international artists? Then you should visit the Ferenczy Museum. 

 10. Siófok

If you want to enjoy the summer, you cannot miss Siófok! This place has beautiful beaches. She often also has a very active nightlife that will make your stay in the city quite memorable. Enjoy water sports and spectacular sunshine at any of the three beaches located in the city. Access is free in Aranypart and Ezüstpart.

Now if you want to enjoy the nightlife of this area, In that case, you should go to Malecon Petofi, where you will find the most significant number of bars, discos, and clubs in the city. There are also many historical monuments that you can visit, such as the city hall, where you will enjoy local cultural events.


This beautiful country offers diverse opportunities for fun for all types of tourists. Do not miss the chance to visit Hungary and get to know its culture through its people, food, and historical sites.

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